I believe you have to cover all bases when it comes to training. Although resistance training through use of weights or other objects is great, it is only one facet of being an All Round Athlete. You have to hit all fronts, some you may not even realise.

Did you know there are different ways to hit strength training? It is not just about max effort, lifting as heavy as possible. There are other ways to develop strength, explosive strength and strength endurance must be considered also.

Conditioning goes hand in hand with strength training. A common mistake a lot of people make is that they view this as two entities. Sure as far as the training goes it is, but they should never be separated. They go hand in hand in my book, On a day when I am not training for strength, I will be conditioning and vica versa.

From a strength point of view, training for conditioning will:

1) enhance all three of your energy systems – anaerobic (ATP-PC & glycolytic) and aerobic. (bet you didn’t know there were three!)

2) increase your General Physical Preparedness (GPP).

3) Help Preserve Strength and Mass

all of these are essential for maintaining good work capacity for strength training. The benefits of this include allowing more intensity and volume to your strength workout, quicker recovery times between sets and between workouts. By having increased recovery allows you to handle bigger workloads.

Of course you still have to train smart and not let the conditioning detract from your strength training if strength is your focus. Getting DOMS for days after a conditioning session will not help your strength training.

Finally nutrition & rest. Although not technically training, they are just as important. Once the work in the gym is over, food and sleep come next and are just as important, in fact even more so.

In my training I see these all as equal and strive to be as strong and as conditioned as possible. I am not too concerned about bulking up as long as the functional strength is in place.

Train hard, Train Smart!