Stand up and Be Counted!


stand up and be countedThis is the first post I have put in in a long time. I apologise for everyone who reads this blog, I am making no excuses other than sometimes other things come along that you allow to take your attention elsewhere.

In this case I opened up my fitness Business Assert Fitness. Now you would think that by doing this I would blog here even more. But once I jumped in I made every excuse not to write. It took me a while to figure it out, but looking back, putting myself on a bigger stage made me start to question my own knowledge, my confidence waned to the point I didn’t want to put anything out.

Get out of your comfort zone!

I was fine in my comfort zone of my business. Well I say comfort zone, Jumping from one career to another and building a new business from scratch isn’t really working in your comfort zone, but there are times you shy away from things that cause the pit of your stomach to do back flips. I had no problem opening my business and spreading the fitness way, helping 100’s of people struggling with their health. I just didn’t want to say what was on my mind for fear of ridicule. Thinking about that now seems almost ludicrous! I allowed a small fear to manifest itself and stop me doing what I love, to help as many people as possible in their health and fitness goals!

Although very busy I have come to the conclusion that is complete bollocks! Nobody have the same perspective as I have, I am me, I am unique. I base what I believe, my truth on the knowledge I have acquired, based on how I live my life, how I train, what I eat and what I think.

Nobody does that like me!

Now I know everyone can pick up the same books, talk to the same people, listen to the same dvds or podcasts, but no two people would derive exactly the same thing. They would base it on what they have come to believe from years of conditioning. Who is right? who is wrong? does it really matter? It is all based on perception my truth!

I realised that I am doing my readers a disservice by not telling you what I am up to, what I am thinking, my opinions in the world of fitness, my latest training routines, my latest views on nutrition and mindset, the list goes on. How can I inspire people if I have no voice? how can I tell you the best way to live your lives if I don’t communicate with you? I have been on a long journey, but in reality it has just started. After all, it is the journey that defines who you are, more than when you arrival at your destination. Usually you are that wrapped up in getting there that you miss the opportunities along the way to become a better you, the destination ain’t all that. I truly believe you must take the path less travelled, embrace change, do things differently, do them your way!

What is my point?

My point is that everybody, no matter who they are can get caught up in the same things, the fears and self doubts. I believe nobody is immune, you are defined by how you deal with them. Sometimes then lay you bare, sometimes you crush them. Sometimes it depends on circumstance and past conditioning. What ever it is, you CAN do whatever you want to do, you may feel uncomfortable, you may be scared, but ultimately you have got to ask yourself, how much you want it and why you want it? Make it your intention to achieve what you set out to do. Believe in it, make your intention so strong that whatever you need to achieve it sits up in front of you. The universe WILL conspire to help you to achieve what you want. If may challenge you, it may make you doubt, but that is all about the process, testing you to see how strong your intention is, to see if you have the faith and belief to carry it out, because if you do you may just end up with what you want!

The Only Limits are those that you place upon yourself!

So Stay tuned because I am gonna be coming at you with my unique view on life and how to get the most out of it. I look forward to sharing it all with you.

Stay strong




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