Kill or be Killed!

Hi Guys

Today I am bringing you a guest post from one of my good friends, fellow fitness professional and boot camp owner Paul Wilson. This dude oozes energy and has a unique way to train both himself and his clients. So without further ado I hand you over to Paul…


Hey Paul Wilson here,kill or be killed


I just wanted to share with you how I train my clients but more specifically because I would never ask anything from anyone without being prepared to do it myself, it’s how I train.


So when I’m training my guys, in my overactive imagination, it’s me thats doing the workout with them.


Like i’m the one doing their reps,


Like i’m the one whose breathing out of both ends,


Like i’m the one who’s legs are trembling underneath them.


This principle of being prepared to do it yourself, and then expressing that emotion and that energy out for your clients to feed off is exactly what spurs them to the next level. This energy that is humming around our sessions is what allows my workouts to thrive with members who have now become the woodwork.


Although I train my guys outdoors 12 months of the year every year so these guys are more like solid oak trees which are way tougher than your Ikea flat packed furniture.


Wow! I’ve not even got started yet or shared with you what this post is all about.


Dean asked me to share with you guys how I get insane results with my clients and build a tribe or loyal warriors!


Now theres a lot that goes into a program, and a lot of work behind the workout scene in order to get a client an epic result.


And though less intensity workouts are important.


GENERALLY speaking, they are only important because you are doing the INTENSE workouts.


Now if you are someone who is really stressed out with work, life and every time you drop a book you scream like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, then training with intensity and brutality is probably not the best thing for you right now, with crazy high cortisol levels you are not going to see benefits.


But for us guys & gals who love to train hard because we know we will see the most change in our physique and physical ability – We train with INTENSITY because it’s where the real change is going to happen!


Arnie said “The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That’s what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they’ll go through the pain no matter what happens.”


I know you love that shit too because you’re still with me reading this.


By the way I’ve just finished throwing Atlas Stones in my garden for FUN, and i’m BUZZIN right now hence why you can smell the essence of MAN humming in this blog post today.


So let me hit you with the punch line.




This is what I do in my workouts and this is how I coach my clients in their workouts.


Workouts are not in the mind. So do not think about it. Escape the mind and be free. You do not need to think about the exercise in hand, because you have already had enough practice doing it to know the movement that you can now play on auto-pilot. Your job now is in the body.


Workouts are in the body! Thats where you do your thinking in a workout, not in your head.


This is great for clients who have had a day of thinking and stressing at work etc.


Escape your mind!




And enter your body for the physicality.


The brutality you will put in that workout!


I coach my clients this by taking them through that pattern I mentioned above where I release the emotions and energy as if I was doing the workout and I talk them through it as if I was doing it.






Kill or be killed by your workouts.


**Put your hand up if you have ever been beaten by a workout where you have THOUGHT about it and decide your head isn’t in the right mindset to train today so you go home.** Be honest!…?


Well do not THINK about it!


Remember to escaped your mind and enter your body!


This is the best bit about training!


It’s like meditation only you also actually grow muscle doing it!


I want you to KILL your workouts because your primal body would be it’s leanest, its strongest, its most divine version of itself if it had to fight to live.


Warriors had the best physiques.


Warriors were the fastest.


The leanest.


The strongest.


You do not need to kill anyone or anything, but you DO need to kill your workout and get from it those same benefits!


As modern people we no longer need to kill people. (it’s illegal)


As modern people we now need to kill our workouts!


Never again say to yourself your “mind is not in the game!”


You will never from this day say that again because the game is played with your body!


And now you know this.


mindprisonYou need to set yourself free from the mind!


The mind is the prison.


The mind tells you that you can’t.


The mind makes you think you are not worthy.


Not ready.


Not enough.


Escape the mind and enter the body and enter the now!


And kill it.


Kill that workout. Kill the day! Make it your own!


Own it!


The best thing about tomorrow is you have an opportunity RIGHT NOW to make it better.


I love you people,


Paul Wilson

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p.s. Practice doing this – move, shake, bounce, vibrate, do some push ups, jump! Wake up the body by using it the next time your mind goes into over drive telling you negatives and you will then escape the mind prison and free your body! Use it! If you have brain fog sitting at a computer all day, get outside and walk! Walk until you are “out of your mind” and free into your body. Use your body! Find a quiet space away from people and scream out loud and make it a loud place! Be vocal, release that energy! Now you are ready for the game!




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