Full Body Functional Strength Workout

Kenn ForrestGreat training session coming up for you today.

As I said in my last email I like to switched things up and it is about time I dragged my arse back to where it should be, back in beast mode.

4 sessions down for the week, with yesterday being a kettlebell session with one of my PT clients, world champion kick boxer and all round gent Kenn Forrest.

I am training Kenn for his next fight at Clash of the Titans, an event organised by the UK’s leading martial arts magazine, martial arts illustrated. It attracts fighters from all corners of the UK and is always a great rumble.

Kenn is a true warrior in every sense of the word, a heart of a lion, with warrior like killer instincts on the mat. The guy towers above me at super heavyweight and kicks with the speed of a light weight, an awesome combination.

This guy will nail it next week, no pressure mate 😉


Anyway, back to today’s training.

Today is all about hitting the muscle explosively and then immediately going for hypertrophy.

Working in exercise pairs the first exercise is going for explosive power with no more than 5 reps, paired with a second exercise which is body weight only and doubling the reps of the first exercise doubling the reps.

Do warm up sets first to get things moving, remember you should always perform a thorough warm up including joint mobility and muscle activation before training ALWAYS! it should be an integral part of each session you do.

To give you an idea of weight, you want to pick a weight you could do 6 reps for and do one less to help save your central nervous system. The second exercise double the first rep count and is done 30 seconds later.

Once you have found the weight, you want to perform each pair 3 times. Each time you complete the pair rest for 45-60 seconds and go again.


Db chest Press

Push ups


Pull ups

inverted strap rows


db military press

Pike push ups


dbl kb box squat

Pistol squats


Ab wheel rollout

Hanging leg raise


I got an awesome buzz from this, grinding it out and working with intensity is key, stick to the timed rest to get the most out of it

Click Here to Download the work out

let me know how you got on.


To you strength and health





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    1. You don’t take food breaks in between exercises. If you are craving food you need to address your nutrition

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