There is ALWAYS Time!

  I am sure most of you guys are like me, trying to juggle the work life balance.

I get insanely busy, my mind is on constant overdrive with an ideas book bulging with information on how I can help the people of the is world with their fitness goals.

Today was always going to be a busy day and a struggle to get training in.


However that is NO excuse.

It is easy to turn around and say you cannot get the planned training session in and not do anything.

Easy to just skip the session and put… Continue reading

The Hulk is Green and Ripped Right?

No Matter what you think, there is a good chance that you are not getting in enough fruits and vegetables in your diet. The current recommendation is “getting your 5 a day”.

Unfortunately that recommendation is woefully inadequate and should be nearer 10. Plus the fact that most people think that having one sprig of Broccoli constitutes one.

One thing I am seeing more and more is Processed foods in super markets, or fruit juices claiming that they are “1 of your 5 a day”.

Utter bullshit!

Unless it is from source or prepared by your good self then it… Continue reading

7 Kick Ass Core Exercises You Should Be Doing!!

Today I want to bust some myths about working your abs and doing endless crunches.

Everyone these days seems to want a six pack and think endless crunches and sit ups will get you there. Lets get one thing straight, unless you change your diet and your training you ain’t gonna see them.

You need to strip away the body fat because guess what? every one has a six pack, it is just covered over and the only way to see it is to strip back the fat and put some hard work in.

Once you are nailing your nutrition,… Continue reading

Time under tension, the Tempo Factor

Hi Guys

Just wanted to talk to you today about a training principle, which not many people use. Now I don’t know if that is because they have not heard of it, or that it is challenging and they would rather now use it because it is too hard.

You are missing out if you don’t apply this to your training arsenal. It is simple to use, but can be very challenging!

What I am talking about is tempo training. When going for maximum recruitment of muscle fibres, nothing else comes close to slowing that shit down and… Continue reading

Full Body Functional Strength Workout

Great training session coming up for you today.

As I said in my last email I like to switched things up and it is about time I dragged my arse back to where it should be, back in beast mode.

4 sessions down for the week, with yesterday being a kettlebell session with one of my PT clients, world champion kick boxer and all round gent Kenn Forrest.

I am training Kenn for his next fight at Clash of the Titans, an event organised by the UK’s leading martial arts magazine, martial arts illustrated. It attracts fighters from… Continue reading

Inferno – Density Conditioning

Hi Guys


Todays session was all about ramping up conditioning and for me getting back on the fitness trail.

I have let work get in the work of late if I am honest, my life work balance has been seriously F**ked up so I haven’t been getting the training in that I would have liked.

All work and no play makes Dean a Pain in the arse to live with, who would have thought that living your passion and working it would lead to more irregular training. No ones fault but my own, but there you go, shit happens… Continue reading

Crazy Fitness Challenges – Intention is Everything!

Ok last week I decided that this was the week to get my crazy challenge done and that was to do 1500 burpees in 1 day.


You may remember my last post was about not getting it done, I laid bare, I put it out there that it is OK to fail and not get what you want or where you want to be every time it’s attempted.


But I also said that it shouldn’t be any excuse to give up either. This is where the winners are separated from the losers. Winners, will get up,… Continue reading

Get out of YOUR Own Way!

I see a lot of people falling short of their goals, especially this time of year when it is about this time that New Years Resolutions fall by the way side and you end up where you were before only to put off the things you really should be doing, especially when it comes to health and fitness.

The thing is is that you can achieve anything you want, you just have to understand how to get it by ignoring all the previous attempts that are logged in your inner voice  your sub conscious brain. You… Continue reading

Kill or be Killed!

Hi Guys

Today I am bringing you a guest post from one of my good friends, fellow fitness professional and boot camp owner Paul Wilson. This dude oozes energy and has a unique way to train both himself and his clients. So without further ado I hand you over to Paul…


Hey Paul Wilson here,


I just wanted to share with you how I train my clients but more specifically because I would never ask anything from anyone without being prepared to do it myself, it’s how I train.


So when I’m training my guys, in my… Continue reading

You got To Train, To Gain!

Today’s post was gonna be a general training type post, but then I thought instead of just posting a kick ass routine that you can follow, maybe I should kick your butts first to get into the right mindset to get going with it! 🙂 It is sad to see the health of the society around me deteriorating. Today world seems to be a mere shadow of what it was, sure technology is booming but to what expense? seems to me that our health is suffering, there is no balance in what we do. I am not saying… Continue reading

Stand up and Be Counted!


This is the first post I have put in in a long time. I apologise for everyone who reads this blog, I am making no excuses other than sometimes other things come along that you allow to take your attention elsewhere.

In this case I opened up my fitness Business Assert Fitness. Now you would think that by doing this I would blog here even more. But once I jumped in I made every excuse not to write. It took me a while to figure it out, but looking back, putting myself on a bigger stage made me… Continue reading

What is your Motivation?

There are times when people ask me about motivation and what drives me on to achieve the things I want to do. The thing is, I could tell you, but it would probably not resonate with you. Everyone is different and what motivates me won’t necessarily motivate you, even if our goals are similar. So you have to ask yourself…..”what are my goals?, what do I want to achieve? and how can I realise them?”

However, many people have dreams but few realise them and there are a variety of reasons and I find a lot of them are to… Continue reading

Dirty Dozen from Synergy Athletics

In my garage gym tonight, it is getting to a point now that I have enough equipment in there so that I can avoid going to a commercial gym and just get on with what I want without interruption. Had some AC/DC cranked up loud and away I went. I needed to tonight as it was bloody freezing in there, -5 degrees C outside so I thought I’d better get my arse into gear to keep warm!

Today I decided to use a training session devised by somebody else. it is always good to learn from others, whether it is… Continue reading

Conditioning Accumulator

Hey there everyone, hope you are all having a great day!

Just had a great conditioning session and I thought  I would share it with you.

I always like to challenge myself with new routines to keep things fresh, Sometimes you have just got to think out side the box and change things up every now and then. The principle for this conditioning session being an interval accumulator.

What the hell are you on about I hear you cry? well it is simple. Pick an exercise that you want to focus on (in this case I used the heavy… Continue reading

Awesome Intervals

I always look forward to a conditioning session, call me  masochist but I need to be pushing my limits every training session. To get anywhere in life you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. There is no growth in comfort, so if you are not going to put in 100% effort when you train and push the envelope you are not going to get where you want to be.

Mix it up

There are an abundance of exercises that can be used with different goals in mind. I enjoy the challenge of creating new routines, with different training protocols… Continue reading

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